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Ice-Cream Display Cases Panorama Fast-IFI


Ice-Cream Display Case Panorama Fast-IFI

The new Panorama Fast ice-cream display case is the Panorama technology designed as a Plug & Play display case, ready for use wherever there is a socket.

It is available in 4 lengths :

4 holes (80cm)

6 holes (110cm)

8 holes (130cm)

10 holes (150cm)

The Panorama Fast ice-cream display case has got forced refrigeration and internal motor and it can fit everywhere thanks to its 4 rotating wheels.

 It is ideal for transfer, even outside the venue, so that the ice-cream be served wherever you wish.

The glasses can be completely closed and it has got all the qualities of the Pozzetti technology.


 Anti-rotation system

The Panorama Fast ice-cream display cases have got anti-rotation system for the bowls.

The bowl is locked in its place and it does not rotate when the operator serves ice-cream.


 Product Information

  • It is available in models with 4, 6, 8, 10 holes.
  • Stainless base at the bottom
  • The top part is painted with white paint.
  • Stainless top part with satin finish
  • The condenser is on the side of the operator.
  • 4 rotating wheels for easy transfer
  • Forced refrigeration
  • 1 bowl level
  • Anti-rotation system
  • Hermetic closing
  • Internal motor (UC)
  • Manual defrosting
  • Electronic control panel
  • Digital print on the front panel

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