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Gelato School

The gelato school GELATENEO was established in Italy by the company ICETEAM 1927. The love for gelato led the company to fulfil her vision. To prepare the future gelato makers. INCONEQ HELLAS shares the same love for Italian gelato and the excellent cooperation with ICETEAM 1927, as exclusive distributor of PROMAG in Greece, led to the creation of GELATENEO ATHENS.

The contemporary and fully equipped SHOWROOM of INCONEQ HELLAS offers the opportunity to learn everything about world of ICETEAM 1927. Demonstrations of the machines, gelato and pastry courses from the top chefs of ICETEAM 1927 and other well-known chefs of Italian and Greek market, implementation of recipes, as well as customers recipes in our fully equipped gelato laboratory.

The activity of GELATENEO ATHENS expands additionally to the wider field of confectionery and chocolate satisfying the demands of modern times.

The training method is based on the real situation. The theory unites with the practice asking from the students to work in groups facing the real-life situation.

The background of culture develops alongside with knowledge which is essential to learn all  about the world of gelato. The training method, except of the courses for beginners, includes advanced courses as well for the professional to develop their skills.

Our teachers are Maurizio Paci, Matteo Casone and Elisa Volanti who maintain respective academic and practice experience offering research and published texts which is studying material during the courses.

Also, we organize pastry and gelato courses with Greek top chefs: Nikolaos Christogeorgos, Evgenios Vardakastanis and Dionisios Alertas.

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